Wednesday, June 2, 2010

When you don't know where to start...............start anywhere

Been a little lost lately and feel like my life is a mess. I am going to start documenting my journey to recovery Starting today. Calling it a year in the life of an art blog. As I was walking my lake this morning this one word kept popping into my head...LOST...I feel lost. I started this painting on Sunday and am not liking it at all. Then it occured to me what the block is...her eyes, they look lost. So I came home and gave it a title. On the side it reads, "and she thought about the situation which was her life. And as she stared out the window she wondered what she should do." I am now considering this complete! I am starting anywhere.


Jan said...

Your "Lost" Art piece is very thought provoking! She (and you) are amazing!

Winterwood said...

loving your thoughts as I am feeling pretty much the same as this...lost. prob for different reasons, but your posts resonate with me.