Tuesday, February 24, 2009

March is almost here....How'd that happen?

Stephanie's Myspace picture in December.

Robert's Myspace picture taken on his phone...upside down

Jasper...our adopted Puggle @ three months old. He'll be 5 months tomorrow.

Where do the years go???? I swear it was just yesterday my twins were born and on Sunday they will turn 15! How did that happen? I make art everyday yet only post once a month...where do the days go????? I sat down at the desktop to check my email....that was two hours ago....where do the hours go????


Sharon said...

Just wait until you get my age. Weeks turn into years like sneezing.
Thank you for viewing my video. I hope to have part two up this afternoon.

lee said...

love those pictures. Your puggle is so sweet. I have a pug/corgie she is just about 2 years old now. Her name is sofie and she is so sweet and good. I also read all the books by s meyer. I love her writing. I have her first book she ever wrote called I think the Host...I loved it.Its not about vampires, but its out there.