Sunday, March 16, 2008

Today's the day...

Today is the day I start blogging! I set up the account weeks ago and everytime I go to write something I sit staring at the screen. Though I am proficient in computer use a blog is something so new to me it scares me. Anyway, today's the day! I am even going to try to post some of my art journal pages, I'll probably need my daughter's help.
This is my first art journal entry, December 25, 2007. I bought myself a moleskin journal, some watercolor pencils and cut out snowmen from wrapping paper and cards and started to create. I'll post the completed page and all pages thereafter later.

I am a youtuber, too. Visit my youtube site to see who I am checking out. I do not have any videos posted as that really intimidates me but I enjoy learning about my new craft, art journaling and mixed media art. Go to
I am having fun in cyberspace!!!!

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